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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

En Passant » At a time of hope Abbott gives us fear

En Passant » At a time of hope Abbott gives us fear

At a time of hope Abbott gives us fear

Christmas and the New Year is a time of hope. Yet all this Abbott
government and its media spruikers offers is fear – fear of terorism;
fear of asylum seekers and fear of the unemployed are its current

Thus Abbott tells us about terrorism ‘chatterings’, fitting well
into his initial narrative of the Sydney siege as our ‘ brush with
terrorism’ and the Daily Telegraph lyingly painting the hostage crisis
as being carried out by the IS death cult.

Now two men have been arrested as part of the show trials of
Australian justice, one of whom, shock horror, breached his bail
conditions by making a phone call from a pay phone.

This government has no jobs to offer the unemployed, no real wage
increases for workers, nothing for the homeless, and cuts for health and
education. Its only recourse is scaremongering about security and the
treats Islam, refugees and ‘dole bludgers’ pose to normal, so called
peaceful, society.

It hopes its climate of fear will distract from the increasing
unemployment lines, the cuts to real wages, and the engineeered decline
in social welfare and public services. It hopes in this climate its
ruling class unfairness, as exposed so well by its rotten Budget and its
attacks on the poor and working class, will disappear into the

At times of job insecurity like today, scaremongering can working class supporters.

Normally this type of fear is the enemy of resistance. Yet such is
the depth of anger against this government of the 1% that the
anti-Muslim rhetoric didn’t catch on and so now Abbott is shifting to
the threat of terrorism, seemingly as a cover for Islam, nudge, nudge,
wink, wink.

It is possible that some alienated individuals could undertake
violent actions, perhaps superficially cloaked in the flag of IS or
similar (Monis comes to mind) but to date the terrorist scare campaign
seems based more on vague suggestions or misleading interpretations (for
example of Monis, of plastic swords) than hard evidence.

Meanwhile, the government 3 days before Christmas announced massive
cuts to funding for homeless organisations. As unemployment grows the
number of homelss will increase and all this government can offer is
scare campaigns.

The appointment of Scott Morrison as Minister for screwing the
unemployed will see the targetting of the 780,000 unemployed when only
150000 jobs are available. His mate, the Daily Telegraph, led with a ‘
Stop the bludgers’ headline. The real bludgers of course are the ruling
class, those who live off our labour, and the politicians, Liberal and
Labor, doing their work.

The best way to counter the ruling class climate of fear is to
resist their attacks, not fall for their racist, xenophobic and
anti-working class rantings and actions. As Orwell said: ‘If there is lies in the proles.’

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