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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%
Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

When the ALP announced that they were going to change the criteria
and allow the R&F to have more of a say, I thought that might be a
good start and a new direction for a factional mishmash that was slowly
but surely killing itself.

Little did I know!

Albo, Mr 60%
Albo, Mr 60%

The fact is, that with around 60% of the R&F voting for Albo, and
only 40% for Shorten, the members made it perfectly clear who they
wanted, and yet the factions, once again stepped in to make sure their
bloke got over the line.

Now at the time, I made my feelings clear, along with a large
majority of the R&F, that Albo was the man to rebuild the party and
take us to the next election.

I said that Shorten had too much baggage from the last two terms,
that he doesn’t inspire, that he’s from the right of the party, and they
desperately need to return to their roots and core values.

I have to say I was pissed off that once again the powerful factions
got their way, over the membership, but many said  “Wait and see” and
“At least give him a go”

Well I waited, albeit somewhat sceptically, and I saw!

And what I saw, was not a Labor leader, but what looks more like a
right wing plant, who’s softly softly approach is seeing this once great
nation relegated to the last century, where all the gains we’ve worked
so hard to achieve, are being either seriously eroded, or completely
wiped out on the back of  rabid right wing ideology!

Make no mistake, if Abbott as LOTO could have mustered the numbers in
the senate,, during the Gillard term, he would have happily blocked
supply to bring down the government, but he didn’t have either a valid
reason, or the numbers.

When Hockey brought down his horror fudge-it, it was, to use Abbott’s
own expression, CRYSTAL clear, that he lied to the public, to gain
office and was, as such, a perfectly legitimate reason to use those
numbers to block supply and force a DD.

Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?
Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?

But what did Shorten do?… NOTHING?

In fact, he did worse than nothing   :shock:    he guaranteed supply, leaving the door wide open for Abbott to do deals with the new senators and Palmer

He  has sold out Labor, and Gillard’s legacy, but worse than that
he’s sold out Australia to the rabid right wing ideologies, and voted to
take us back to war, on the say so of a man (?) who is a proven, and
some would say pathological liar, and  who’s only goal is to maintain
power at any cost.

Their dishonesty and hypocrisy are astounding, and over the last
couple of days, we’ve seen yet another example, as Morrison signs up for
an asylum seeker deal to resettle genuine refugees in Cambodia, one of
the poorest and most corrupt countries on the planet, handing over a
cool $40 mill, for a commitment to take only 4-5 refugees on a trial
basis, and that’s not including the resettlement costs, which works out
at 8 – 10 + million $’s each?   W…T…F???

And yet we all remember when they rejected Gillard’s Malaysian
solution, because Malaysia wasn’t a signatory to the UNHCR convention, a
decision that resulted in some 300 more deaths at sea?

Coincidentally a convention that these hypocrites, effectively tore
up at the same time as they signed up with Cambodia, and committed us to
a war in which even more people are becoming refugees!

We are now witnessing our hard fought for rights and freedoms being
taken away and shoved in a cupboard to “protect them”… WTF?        And
the most incompetent, and arguably corrupt government in our history,
stirring up hysteria and fear, for the sake of their own political

And all the while, Shorten’s opposition is not only MIA for much of the time, but complicit in many of these decisions… W…T…F???

The thing is that I along with many others, tried to warn Australia of how Abbott would destroy this great country   :roll:    and he has more than lived up to our expectations!   :shock:

And likewise with Shorten   :mad:

In his first year, Abbott has done damage that will take decades to
fix, if in fact it can be fixed, and all for the sake of his own twisted
ambitions and ideologies.

And in his first year as LOTO, Shorten has basically made the ALP irrelevant.

I did hope hope he would prove me wrong… He didn’t!

I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt… But he just confirmed all my fears at every turn!

But I’m still prepared to give him a go   :shock:

So Billy boy, If you do genuinely care for this country and the once great Labor party, the only Go that I can still give you is… GO AWAY!

Do the decent thing and resign your position as LOTO, and let the will of the R&F prevail!

We need a LOTO that will reform the party, whilst taking the fight up
to Abbott and his mendacious mob of mistits, hitting him with both
barrels, not a limp lettuce leaf!

Cos too many times over the last year, too many of us have asked the question:

Shorten, WTF are you doing?

Abbott's mini me
Abbott’s mini me

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